Print On Demand:

At DRI, we employ the very latest all-digital technology to produce high-end full color printing on demand. With the Kodak NexPress, you get the power of a press with the flexibility of a printer. And with our new Intelligent Calibration System (ICS), even heavy-coverage print jobs have the smoothness, consistency and uniformity of offset printing.


Max Sheet size 14 x 20.5          Max Image area 13 x 19.5      Paper up to 130# cover or 18 pt

Intelligent Coating Solution – Video

Inline Intelligent Coating: super smooth silky coating, spot or flood.

Dimensional Inks: gives specified text and images a raised or 3-D effect

Inline Matte Effect: Great for signs, posters or any printed project where you want to remove the shine.  Prints have a flat matte look with all the reflective oils removed.

Red Fluorescing Ink: This innovative ink is clear when printed on top of images and graphics, and is virtually invisible. When it is illuminated with an ultraviolet light source, however, it fluoresces a red color. Great for security applications, invisible 2D barcodes.

Metallic Gold Ink:  We have it. Graph Expo 2012 Must See ‘Ems award winner.  Video

Papers and more:

We carry a complete line of quality papers in stock including 100% recycled. We also offer linen & laid textured papers, metallic papers, crack and peel labels, vinyl & poly materials, even window clings and magnets!
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